We’re Your Agent

Real Estate Brokers are required to disclose the types of working relationships that are available to buyers. There are three:

  • A buyer’s agent works solely on behalf of the buyer.
  • A seller’s agent (or listing agent) works solely on behalf of the seller to promote the interests of the seller.
  • A Transaction Broker can assist the buyer and the seller through a real estate transaction.

Purchasing a primary residence or a second home calls for strategies to assure that you get what you are looking for. The following steps will certainly increase your chances:

Selecting a Buyers Agent

First shop for a buyer’s agent before you shop for a house. . Go to the agent’s web site where you should find considerable information on their training, years of experience, and their overall background. Often the web site will provide testimonials from a number of clients along with considerable information about the community. Then interview an agent to determine if you are compatible and that they have the experience, knowledge of the area, and local contacts. It is essential that the agent can give you the assistance necessary to advise you on the numerous factors that will arise through the transaction. There are a number of advantages in having a buyer’s agent agreement. Some are:

  • Represent you in all negotiations.
  • Provide immediate information on properties new on the market
  • Provide sold prices on homes similar to your interests.
  • (A comparative Market Analysis)
  • Assist with inspection issues
  • Arranging for Financing Pre-Approval

Knowing what you can afford prior to seeking a home to buy eliminates disappointment and loss of your time and energy. Additionally, it gives you the ability in a competitive market to quickly make an offer and not lose your dream home to another buyer. Your buyer’s agent can put you in touch with different mortgage companies to get your financing pre approved.

Determining What you Want

Often a home buyer has a general notion on what they want in a home. A good buyer’s agent will provide help in identifying important specifics that will better clarify the type of home that will meet the buyer’s family needs. A wise home search is a cooperative effort between the home buyer and the agent.

Who Do You Want Working for You?

Select an exceptional buyer’s agent, have a loan pre approval before searching for a home, and first determining what you want or need will expedite your search. These strategies will lead to a pleasant and successful home purchase experience.

Bonnie Van Ness